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Serviced Offices

Distinguish your business with our premium ready serviced offices that boast timeless and original designs.

Windowist Tower Serviced Offices provide a streamlined solution for businesses to effortlessly and swiftly acquire the office space they require. From ergonomic furnishings and high-speed internet connectivity to fully-equipped meeting rooms, secretarial services, and state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, our Serviced Offices are meticulously tailored to cater to all your business needs. Your success is our utmost priority, and we've designed every element of our Ready Offices with your business in mind.

Level up your business with Windowist Tower Serviced Offices!
Discover advanced technical infrastructure and tailored office solutions at Windowist Tower, all without the burden of setup costs. Our offerings encompass executive corner offices, flexible ready offices for up to 12 individuals, and workspaces with stunning Bosphorus and city views. Serviced office users also enjoy access to private meeting rooms on each floor, ensuring a seamless and productive work environment designed with your success in mind
    1. First-class ergonomic furniture
    High-speed Ethernet
    Individual climate control
    Telephone infrastructure with VOIP system
    Secretarial service
    Mail and cargo management

    Meeting Rooms

    Serviced office users have the privilege of reserving meeting rooms on every floor, ideal for hosting customer meetings or internal team gatherings, offering state-of-the-art presentation and projection equipment to meet your technological requirements.
    Individual climate control
    Barrissol™ ceiling lighting
    JBL™ sound system & LCD screen
    Video conferencing systems

      Kitchenette & Xerox

      Exclusively designed for our serviced office clients, each floor features convenient amenities, including a kitchenette and a Xerox room. Additionally, should you require any special services, such as a personalized coffee setup or secretarial assistance for your meetings, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Customer Relations Executive, who is conveniently located on your floor.
      Xerox Printer
      Free self-service tea and coffee
      Food and Beverage wending Machine

        Security & Concierge

        The Windowist Tower entrance is equipped with CCTV cameras, an X-Ray machine, and NFC access systems to ensure top-notch security. Our concierge unit caters to customers with services like private transfers and dinner reservations, delivering efficient and solution-oriented management.
        Heliport service
        Parking & Valet
        X-ray / Metal Detector

          Technical & IT

          100% generator support that activates in 12 seconds for the electrical needs of the entire building
          LED screens surrounding the building for advertising needs, LCD screens in elevator areas and reception
          Full coverage area for wireless internet connection and wireless phones
          Professional firewall for protection against internet attacks
          24/7 professional technical and IT team
          Telephone support with VOIP software
          Wired and wireless IP phones
          Internet access with dedicated bandwidth
          100 Mbit network connection point for each workspace
          VLAN configuration for local network requirements
          Email to fax, fax to email transfer
          Cabinet area rental from the server room
          100% UPS support for your IT equipment
          Secure VPN support
          Network via a secure wall
          High-security NFC card access


          Why Windowist Tower Ready Office?
          Windowist Tower is located in one of the most prestigious and central locations in Istanbul. The modern and flexible ready office solutions of Windowist Tower are, in fact, a preference for users. Ready offices, designed to completely meet your office space needs, offer you the opportunity to save on installation costs and time. Whether you are in Maslak or on the European side, Windowist Tower provides easy access for all users with its unique location. Among the advantages of Windowist Tower’s ready office rental services is having a receptionist who handles the cargo and documents arriving on behalf of your company and directs incoming calls to your company. When you compare ready office prices with other standard office prices, you will observe that ready office prices are much more advantageous, especially considering that additional services are usually a separate cost. When you benefit from Windowist Tower Ready Office services, you have access to meeting rooms, a Xerox room, and floor kitchens. Windowist Tower is a well-established institution that has been active in the construction, tourism, and office sectors for over 25 years. Experience has ensured its leadership position and customer satisfaction. Windowist Tower closely follows the requirements of the business world and technology, offering solutions suitable for all needs with its ready offices in the most prestigious locations on the European side. Windowist Tower provides services to offer an environment where customers can work freely, quickly complete their tasks, and grow their businesses. Therefore, with its leadership and experience in the industry, Windowist Tower is a preferred choice.
          Are Ready Office Prices Advantageous?

          Of course, ready office prices will vary depending on the type, size, and features of the ready office you want to use. However, when you compare ready office prices with standard office prices, you will realize that ready office prices are much more advantageous, especially when you consider that the additional services you will have access to when benefiting from ready office services are normally a separate cost.

          Is Ready Office Location Important?

          Ready office location is crucial for both your employees and your customers. The location of the ready office should be both centrally located and in a decent environment. Windowist Plaza, one of the ready office service providers in Istanbul, is located in one of the most popular districts in Istanbul.

          Advantage of Maslak Ready Office
          Who wouldn’t want to own a ready office in Maslak, Istanbul? Windowist Tower is located in one of the liveliest and most central spots in Istanbul. While providing extra convenience to users with its proximity to transportation vehicles such as the metro, the valuable view of Maslak can be seen from the windows of ready offices. If you also want to own a luxury ready office, you can contact us now.
          What is Luxury Ready Office Rental?
          A ready office is an area prepared in advance by a provider for users, with all the details considered. Although the definition seems simple, ready offices contain many details. The interior design of ready offices is highly advanced and designed entirely with users in mind. In Windowist’s Luxury Ready offices, first-class furniture is used, and there is a unique infrastructure in critical areas such as internet connection.
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