Lease your own floor at a unique location

Windowist Tower offers 625 m², scenic and fully decorated work floors equipped with state-of-the-art technical and technological infrastructure, which require no investment cost. The office plans can be altered by being modified according to your work requirements, and can be redecorated and harmonised with it.
You and your team feel the increase in work efficiency and motivation as you carry on your business in an all-inclusive, independent area wholly reserved for you and your team with unlimited services.

Building Features


Number of Floors


Total office area


Floor area


Number of offices on one floor

Office Floor Features


Scenic office areas with various plans and sizes



Natural daylight in all offices


Individual air conditioning system


First-class ergonomic furnitures


Reception area on each floor

Toplanti-salonlari kopya

LCD screen, projector, audio system and glass writing board in all floor meeting rooms


Vending machines with snacks, hot & cold beverages in kitchenettes on each floor


The Xerox Room equipped with user-based access system on each floor



24/7 security personnel





X-ray / metal detector


High security NFC access control


Protection from electromagnetic fields with a Faraday cage


Card access controlling report



Network Security with Firewall system


Fire protection systems compatible with NFPA standards

Technical Specifications

  • Smart and eco-friendly building equipped with superior hardware
  • Weather station at the helipad
  • Earthquake detector which detects the tremors and activates the earthquake scenario
  • 4 indoor elevators, an escalator, and disabled platforms located at the building entrance, and by the metro exit
  • Power outages and electrical breakdowns have been minimized with full automatic energy automation.
  • Smart mechanical automation system
  • Heating and/or cooling for 24 hours in both summer and winter for each office area
  • A minimum of 35 mᶟ fresh air pumped in per person per hour
  • In case of power outage, generator provides 100% for the building with 1540 kVa
  • Full electrical protection by online UPS System
  • Double power transformers; more secure energy
  • Risks such as overheating, low-voltage inductions, stress/rupture in wires,  low or high energy waves, etc. are all avoided by the busbar system
  • ULFM approved sprinkler system is designed in accordance with NFPA 13
  • Two fire hoses and two 6 kg DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) fire extinguishers available on each floor
  • Minimum one smoke and one rise of heat detector per area
  • Esser Honeywell fire detection, siren and PA system
  • All cabling, carpets, furnitures, paints, drainage lines, plumbing pipes and other materials are made from non-flammable, non-toxic and halogen-free materials
  • Access control (dual encrypted) used in all offices

Infrastructure and Services

  • Total coverage for wireless internet connection and wireless phones
  • VOIP phone system for low-cost phone calls
  • For local network connected PDA’s and computers, VoIP soft phone support
  • 100 Mbps dedicated network port for each work station
  • Wired & wireless IP phones
  • VLAN configuration for local network requirements
  • Rack space rental in server room
  • LCD screens for your advertisements on each floor and at the reception area of the building
  • Secure VPN support
  • Internet access with dedicated bandwidth
  • Professional firewall for protecting the internet connection
  • E-mail to fax, fax to e-mail transfer system
  • IPTV System

Environment Friendly

  • 109% heating efficiency provided with the use of the cleanest fossil fuel; natural gas
  • Cascade system & condensing boilers prevent excessive heat production by providing 3% sensitivity
  • Heat recuperators on each floor collect 70% of the heat in the exhaust air and reuse it to save energy
  • Heat insulated glazed windows prevent energy loss through the building façade also protect from harmful UV exposure with special coating on the glasses
  • Cooling system with speed adjustable fans provide less electric consumption
  • All cables and electrical infrastructure materials are fire-resistant
  • No mechanical ballast or power transformers
  • All IT equipment in the building are Energy Star qualified
  • Waste material such as paper, glass and metal are parsed and recycled
  • Rain and waste water is collected, filtered and reused
  • Eco-friendly cleaning and maintenance chemicals
  • No paint materials containing lead or other harmful substances
  • 95% recyclable material for most of the furniture
  • Only LED and compact fluorescent lighting
  • Main electrical units such as transformers, generator and UPS are carefully chosen among high-efficient models