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Windowist Tower began to serve as the first and only serviced office building of Turkey in the prestigious business district of Büyükdere Street in 2011. It became a pioneer in the serviced office sector by developing a service model that accomodates all the needs of business life in one single building.

Windowist Tower is the largest provider of flexible fully decorated office spaces in one location. The tower offers leasable full and half  floor areas, small & medium size serviced and virtual office solutions, meeting rooms &  conference hall facilities and video conferencing services.

The 26-floor tower is conveniently located right next to the Ayazağa metro station, in the easiest accessible area of  CBD Maslak. Hosting a variety of companies ranging from liaison offices of international firms to headquarters of industry leaders, from local startups to law firms, Windowist Tower offers a state of the art infrastructure and superior service quality for its clients.



Windowist Tower, a registered trademark of Akdağ Tourism and Construction Ltd., has been established by the Akdağ Family, who has contributed to the industrialization and development of Middle Anatolia in particular by their efforts in educational and cultural areas, as well as their ready-mixed concrete and cement investments since 1973.

In addition to Windowist Tower project, Akdağ Tourism carries on contributing to tourism with its one and only resort in Istanbul, Princes’ Island, including residences and a boutique hotel, and a historical landmark mansion.

E.M.A vakıf


As the Founder and Chairman of Yibitaş Holding, Dr. Erdoğan M. Akdağ began his investments in the education, culture, social and health fields in 1987. 

Erdoğan Mustafa Akdağ Foundation was registered and announced in the first month of 1995 as a family foundation, with the purpose of institutionalisation for the management of the existing investments made between 1987-1994, and to further increase and add value to these investments.

Following the establishment of the foundation, the Akdağ Family contributed and gave immense services for the development in the fields of education, culture, social and health in Turkey with the foundation’s various activities and investments in these fields.

The purpose of the foundation is to ensure our country’s globalization along with the world; by nourishing our country’s education, culture, social and health fields, and providing service in these fields to reach the contemporary world level.

The Akdağ Family contributed materially and morally to realize these adopted principles, and to support Yozgat’s social development, especially improve its education and training, for Yozgat had fallen astern in economic and social fields.

To sum it up, Erdoğan Mustafa Akdağ Foundation’s principles and objectives are to:

  • Improve the level of education and training,
  • Engage in cultural activities for cultural improvement,
  • Develop and spread Yozgat’s traditional culture, and thus promote tourism in the area,
  • Establish facilities in the field of health, and develop:

Educational Institutions,

Healthcare Institutions,

Social Facilities,

Vocational Education Institutions, 


The facility has been donated as ‘fully equipped’. Currently, the foundation continues their activities actively, with many students receiving scholarships.

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