Environment Friendly - Windowist | Hazır Ofisler Istanbul

Environment Friendly

 WindowIst aims to be the most convenient & eco friendly business site with the smallest carbon foot print

  • 109% heating efficiency provided by utilization of natural gas which is the cleanest fossil fuel. Cascade system & condensing boilers prevents excessive heat production by providing %3 sensitivity.
  • Heat recuperators on each floor collect 70% of the heat in the exhaust air and reuse it to save energy on heating, thus prevent heat loss to atmosphere.
  • Heat insulated glazed windows prevent energy loss through the building facade, also protect from harmful UV exposure with special coating on the glasses.
  • Cooling system with speed adjustable fans provide less electric consumption & more comfort.
  • Main electrical units as transformers, generator and UPS are carefully chosen from high efficient models.
  • All the cables and electrical infrastructure materials are fire rated and smoke free.
  • Led and compact fluorescent lighting used for entire building instead of incandescent or halogen bulbs. No mechanical ballast or adapter exists in the system.
  • All IT equipment in the building is Energy Star qualified.
  • Waste materials like paper, glass metal are parsed and recycled.
  • Rain and waste water is collected, filtered and reused.
  • Cleaning and other maintenance chemicals used for WindowIst are %100 degradeable.
  • No lead or other harmful substant based paint used in the building.
  • Most of the furniture are 95% recyclable.